Are you feeling any better today?

Ned is often confused with his brother.


Trees shelter my house from the wind.

We're not taking anything.

Sharan hasn't done enough.


That means sure death!

I'm convinced Beth can succeed.

Will you have a drink with me?

He gave me his opinion, but I didn't give him mine.

Do you like chocolate pudding?


The final exams will probably carry over into next month.


Last time I sent out my humble work, the afterword to "left-right", written on the promise that you'd keep it secret from him, this time it's the afterword to that afterword.


What Alice, waiting for a reply, was faced with was a sudden howl. It was a resounding noise, sharp as to burst her ear drums, loud as to reach unto the heavens.


Oxygen from the air dissolves in water.

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Sound absorbing material is called acoustic material.

We've overlooked many important facts.

Dan helped Linda through her tough times.

He gave a party on a large scale.

I have a son, who works for a trading company.


I shouldn't have played outside in the rain.


I don't like anything.


It is a stereotype that police officers always eat doughnuts.

I'm taking Wolf home with me.

I thought it had started to rain.

You just had to do it, didn't you?

I tend to agree with them.

I think you're an idiot.

Please come on Monday.

My home is about three miles from here.

I know where the money is.


It was made to look like an accident.

If someone's in trouble, you should help them.

All women are the same.

She doesn't read anything.

Are you the guy who's going to help us fix our plumbing?

Clay was not satisfied with the service at the hotel where he was staying.

Do you want me to talk to her?

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Holly is a better person than I'll ever be.

This action would not have been sufficient to abate the odor nuisance.

This car looks angry.

Shows that are broadcast during prime time are not supposed to have content unsuitable for children who might be watching.

We'll be there at 2:30.

The moment that he was alone he opened the letter.

I think it natural for him to get angry.


I am the 5th youngest child.


Ken has no more than ten books.

Did you tell them to do that?

I'm stumped.

Wes grew up in a communist country.

Are you still angry with Jeremy?

I told you I didn't see anything.

This story broke my heart.

Did it make you angry?

He was compelled to resort to violence.


The commemorative ceremony ended with the closing address.

Laurent wanted to finish cleaning the house before Lum got home.

There were enough seats for all of us.

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The Rhine runs between France and Germany.

Clarissa closed the drawer.

She is convinced that her son is still alive.

Cynthia is very religious.

Caleb recognized Dalton right away.

The roses in the garden smell sweet.

The style of that house is similar to mine.

But it isn't 12 p.m. yet, right?

Caroline is someone who can't be trusted.

I've made some decisions.

Everyone talked at once.

Lately I can't seem to be able to stop drawing stoats.

He had suffered some failures.

We have enough money to pay for the hotel.

What are you up to this weekend?

I'll honor your wishes.

Tennis is my favorite sport.


Do you have any idea why Dorothy did that?

Everyone here likes them.

I found him working in the garden.

Come and visit us in Boston sometime.

Tomorrow, if we can go out, we'll see how they are.

My father told me about his experiences during the war.

Who told you the story?


Should you wish to take my application further, I would be happy to come for interview.

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You forgot something.


He has a firm belief.


I'll have your son.


The payment will be deferred for two years.

You must miss it.

Barbara suspected it might be a trap.


He brought her dog to school.

It'll be interesting for sure.

I know things are different here.

The problem started yesterday evening.

The time has passed very quickly.

You've got my word on it.

I guess I'm always hoping that you'll end this reign.


She said nothing that would make him angry.


Art gives the chaos of the world an order that doesn't exist.


Such short thumbs won't make it easy for you to play the piano.

I'm sure he trusts you.

I'll tell Courtney myself.


You should get back home.

Shouldn't we get on with this work?

It is a good practice to look up in a dictionary words seen for the first time.

Why didn't you tell us this was going to happen?

Weather conditions may change.

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I'd like to learn Finnish.


Summer vacation begins next Monday.

The stable is right behind the farm house.

Why are you all so busy?

I knew Miltos would accept my invitation.

What's your excuse?

We are leaving for London.

As soon as I get up, I fix the coffee.


This is your decision.

In the last few years he has developed the bad habit of being rude to his friends.

Do you want to have more children?

Will you please show me the way?

The theater used to open up about this time.


The cheapest is the best.


You're way too drunk.

I know Doug is still alive.

Werner usually works late.

I have dual citizenship.

This plastic garbage bag is free of hazardous chemicals.

If I were you I'd be able to succeed.

Fred has betrayed me.


Even though Jane was well paid, her heart wasn't in the job. She needed to find a job that she could be passionate about.

You should give him another chance.

I have never heard her sing.

What are the most important goals the company has defined for the upcoming year, and how does this role contribute towards achieving those targets?

Aren't you looking forward to your next chance to speak?


It is important for a nation to have an adequate mix of monetary and fiscal policies.

Why don't you ask your teacher for advice?

Deborah wanted Shean to stay.

Strictly speaking, the bamboo is a kind of grass.

I wouldn't mind helping you.

I'm still not used to getting up so early in the morning.

Michael came out on top.


It was relatively quiet.

Learn this lesson by heart.

He was paid 10,000 dollars.

I've got to stay a little longer.

The young woman didn't know her boyfriend was loaded.

There are fifty states in the union.

Leo speaks Japanese better than Japanese do.

Kuldip is drowning!

I ate a fresh lemon for the vitamin C.

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Louiqa is a bit stingy.

How much is that gold ring?

What time does the dining room open?


The police found some blood on the floor.

I bought this book at the book store in front of the station.

Why is she being so quiet?

Do you have your own room?

No one's shooting at us now.

Kikki says grace before eating.

Don't disappoint me.

I'm sure we'll do better tomorrow.

Are we allowed to use the elevator?

I was wondering what prompted that decision.

Is it true that Saad doesn't like to swim?

Let's be candid.

Carol is kind to us.