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Kathleen Drinan, DO, FACC, FACOI

Dr. Kathleen Drinan is a board-certified cardiologist in...

“The heart is fascinating. It pumps nearly 2,000 gallons of blood per day, keeping our bodies and our busy lifestyles going 24/7. We should respect it, and strive to protect our hearts.”

Joann Edwards RDCS

Joann has been working in the field of adult and...

“I look forward to attending medical seminars. They give me the resources I need to apply today’s most current advances in cardiology to our patients’ needs.”

Alison McQuillan, RCS

Alison McQuillan is a registered cardiac sonographer with...

“The echocardiogram provides cardiologists like Dr. Drinan with priceless anatomic information about their patient’s hearts.”

Eileen Massimilian BS, RVT

Eileen Massimilian is a registered vascular technologist,...

“Vascular imaging is a powerful tool for cardiologists to gain information about their patient’s vascular health”

Lindsay Fletcher

Lindsay is an energetic medical assistant who joined Dr....

“The patients come first in this office. No matter how busy we are, we need to take care of our patients.”
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Monitor. Fight back. Prevention.

Routine examinations go a long way, and so will your good health.


Do you know your numbers?

LDL Cholesterol, HDL Cholesterol, Glucose, BMI and BP.


What you should know before any surgery.

Evaluate your heart’s health for surgery.


A heart attack could be your first symptom.

Don’t wait. Test your heart with a stress test today.

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    All it takes is a simple examination, and you’re armed with the power of knowledge – your body’s number one defense for a healthy heart. We specialize in routine and in-depth exams that screen for...

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    Cardiovascular Risk Assessment

    What does your heart say about your lifestyle? More importantly, what does your lifestyle say about your heart. From active risks, like smoking and inadequate...

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    Preoperative Cardiovascular Exam

    Surgery is a major stress on your body, especially when you have a history of heart conditions or heart disease...

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  • Cardiac Tests

    Many heart and vascular conditions go unnoticed for too long. Most often – the symptoms aren’t always there, and the first sign of a problem is a serious cardiovascular event...

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    We look forward to meeting you. Please complete this form and bring with you to your first appointment....

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  • Stress Echo Instructions:

    Please print and follow the set of instructions outlined for your particular stress tests. It is crucial that you follow these instructions in order for our team...

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  • What is a Lipid Specialist?

    Lipid specialists reduce deaths related to high cholesterol and other lipid disorders.  They treat patients with elevated cholesterol and other lipid disorders to prevent the development of cardiovascular diseases, like stroke and heart attack. Lipids are fats and normal levels are required for good health. Abnormally high or low lipid levels can lead to illness and cardiovascular disease, including arterial Continue Reading

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    Kathleen Drinan DO, FACC, a local cardiologist in private practice, has recently been awarded Diplomate status with the Accreditation Council for Clinical Lipidology (ACCL). The ACCL is a nonprofit certifying organization dedicated to reducing the morbidity and mortality from dyslipidemia and related diseases by assessing qualifications and certifying knowledge in clinical lipidology.

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    PROBLEM: Young adults and obesity – What are the coaches doing?

    How many times have you watched student athletes enjoy large appetites, fully knowing that their physical training will burn off enough calories for them to eat all that they want. They are training several hours a day, and are able to put anything and everything in their stomachs without gaining a pound.

  • Compression stockings – My Mom’s tips on proper application

    My wonderful 94 year old mother has worn graduated compression stockings for treatment of chronic venous disease with varicose veins for 20 years. She continues to put them on every morning and remove them prior to bedtime. I asked her for tips on applying them correctly, and realized that Donning gloves are very helpful. Here is what she recommends: They Continue Reading

the most important beat in your life... your heart beat.
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"Together, we can protect your heart."

Welcome to the private practice of Kathleen Drinan, DO, FACC, FACOI. We provide today’s most proven technologies for the care, treatment and prevention of cardiovascular diseases.



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