Fred never warned Donne about what might happen.

She was alone in the house.

To talk with a lot of people is good for health.

His childlike laugh is charming.

He made spaghetti.

The year starts on the first of January and ends on the thirty-first of December.

It still works like new.

I expect Maria will be late.

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She likes snow.

There's nothing else you can do.

Do you really want to stay?


What conclusions did they come to?


I lack confidence.

Theo ran as fast as his legs could carry him.

Earle shut up.

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Let Kari find his own path.


I'm proud of my daughter.

Stevan stabbed Hirotoshi in the stomach.

I'm Alan Tate, Terry Tate's son.

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Dylan is wicked, isn't he?

Feel this.

Dieting takes up so much human endeavor with so little to show for it.


I can't come with you.

What do you think of his gay friend?

As she fetched Dima the suit, the shopkeeper noticed smears of blood on his shirt, and couldn't help but stare in shock.

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I am so tired that I can't walk another step.

Owen and I talked on the phone.

I wounded myself in the foot.

Seeing the briskly working toy consultants also left a strong impression.

Eventually, my patience is going to run out.

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I already know the process.

After his successful space flight, the Soviet Union paid its official thanks to Yuri Gagarin. There was a six-hour parade through Red Square, followed by a ceremony at the Lenin Mausoleum where Gagarin was greeted by General Secretary Nikita Khrushchev.

He can't wait to see you.

"How are you?" - "Well, thanks. And you?"

Are you telling us you suck?

There's something I've been wanting to ask you.

Frank and Thuan don't seem to really talk to each other all that much.


I hope Skef's recovery goes well.

Unsatisfied libido is responsible for producing all art and literature.

Where can I find an ATM?

There is no factory in this village.

Who is taller, Van or Kylo?

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Take exercises out of doors.

Turkeer didn't attend today's meeting.

That kitten is so cute.

He fights windmills.

He has an intriguing personality.

I suppose Dylan told you that.

He got everything he wanted for Christmas presents.

Sigurd sounds perfect.

She felt sympathy for the orphan and gave him some money.

Elizabeth majored in psychology.

Has this happened often?

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We are making tea.

It's best to tell the truth.

Nobody can help him.


The orange alien is orb-shaped with 18 tentacles.

She spends as much money as she earns.

What Stefan predicted would happen has happened.

Nicolette won't ask you to go out with him.

My mother died the same day I got married.

Kari found it.

I don't blame you for doing that.

Rebecca let me in.

This company is listed on the London Stock Exchange.


If an email starts out, "Hi, I'm Sunshine," just delete the message without reading further.


We're spending Christmas Eve at our grown daughter's house.

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How is the weather in your country?

Carolyn has a good chance.

He called for a tax on earnings.

Harmon did everything he could.

Look what I found on the beach.


Shadow has been in Boston, hasn't he?


"Do you live in Rome now?" "Yes, we've been living there since July."

Walking in the moonlight is a romantic way to end a date.

Nguyen needs a break.

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Srikanth is one of the nicest guys I've ever met.

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The temperature will be pretty high today.

Please continue with your story. It's really interesting.

She wants to be popular at school.

Sit and have some tea!

We find Moses's work satisfactory.


Carl started yelling at Eddie.

Get over here and be quick about it!

My boyfriend works at a language school and loves it very much.

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I did what needed to be done.

There are conditions under which breaking a promise or telling a lie are acceptable.

What do you think Suu ought to do?


A high level of testosterone will drive your red blood cell count up.

It is very hot here in summer.

How long is your spring vacation?

Do I need to transfer?

He had a rough childhood.

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Tal stayed in touch with Gail.

There are eggs in the carton.

A fire broke out nearby.

What's your favorite color of lipstick?

Can I interrupt for a second, Shari?


Teenage boys are more likely than girls to be low achievers.


They attend every class.

Is there any dipping sauce for this grilled meat?

He studies hard every day.


I don't want to lose my job.

You'll always be alone.

My friend wants milk.

Why do you want to go?

All the snow on the mountain has disappeared.

I've tried to reason with her.

You were unlucky; I came back five minutes after you'd left.

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The water is deepest here.

They are leaving for Tokyo tomorrow.

The telephone is one wonderful device.

I was abroad on an assignment.

What do you know about them?

Do you believe in miracles? You don't? But they believe in you.

This is not good.

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The police found Panzer's hideout.

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Why would that bother them?

Hindus don't eat meat, in particular beef, and they are mainly vegetarian in order to respect the animals' lives.

I intend on fighting till the end.

He had a big box in his arms.

I can't do anything at all!

We sent out the invitations yesterday.

If we don't get something to eat soon, we'll all starve to death.


Tell me why you care.

Does anything touch your gums?

Crackers are baked in an oven, much the same way as bread is.

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The Senate and Roman People.

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Some people come into your life as blessings, others, as lessons.


I have to go get them.


Children hate cod liver oil.

You only need to ask.

Maybe I'll go, and maybe I won't.

I wish to stay alone for a couple of hours.

I only have 24 hours left to decide.

Sandy was the one who built this house.

I respect elderly people.


Let's meet this afternoon.

Who would've done this?

That shouldn't be a problem in this case.

Dan asked his sister to prepare him a cup of coffee.

It's the best turkey I've ever tasted.

All of us stared at Tait.

Excuse me, but you're mistaken.

I like how he just lies there, doing nothing.

They accused me of being a liar.

He was eventually prevailed upon to accept the appointment.

Rudolph is mad at Elisabeth for calling him stupid.

The agreement was announced Monday.

Even a little boy knows this.


He went to India by way of Japan.

I didn't say hello.

Sharada disagrees with Amedeo.

I have a confession.

He may come today.


The problem began to assume an international character.

She's a plus-sized model.

You're the only person who hasn't yet made a donation.


We ate some fried meat.

He made up his mind to marry her.

Why does it have to be me?