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We are bringing down the old house.

Ernie is extremely strong.

Isn't her ring gorgeous?

Do you fancy it is all right?

This election had many firsts and many stories that will be told for generations.


Advice when most needed is least heeded.

There isn't much time.

His income is too small to support his large family.


No will call her mother-in-law.

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They began to run all at once.

He beckoned me to follow him.

These kind of roofs are very hard to build.

The shopping list included a gallon of milk.

My father went to Germany when he was young.

What do you think they're planning to do with all that money?

You attach too much importance to what he says.

Music has charms to soothe the savage beast.

I love carrots.


I may have made a mistake.


Where would you like to pitch the tent?


Are you hearing, baby?


We just got him to go to sleep.

He always says the same thing.

I worry about her too.

Monica does study a lot.

Who turned off the light?

Prakash was sent to a state penitentiary.

There were Jews in Arab countries before the partition of Palestine.

I thought we were going to crash.

His own way of doing things is not popular with us.


Morton certainly didn't say what you thought he said.


We could wait.

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Jess and Rusty played The Settlers of Catan last night.

She always lets her children do what they want to.

It's high time you got going.

Jack is quiet now.

I think Pete even likes Denis.


"So, are you really dating Harmon?" "What? Who'd you hear that from?"


We can do much better.

Nicolo will find it.

The hill was covered in snow.

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Vernon is limping along.

I've always thought you weren't very smart.

Those are nice.

I think I understood everything Mosur said, but I'm not absolutely sure.

If my memory serves me right, Cristopher and Angela got married in October of 2003.

War is a business. It's no wonder there has never been peace.

I thought I'd surprise him.

Travis let the dog loose in the yard.

Drive faster.

Hohn usually goes to school by bus.

It must be simple.

I've been in Sapporo before.

He whispered sweet nothings into her ear.

She took me by surprise.

Barack Obama is the 44th President of the United States.

Why isn't Piet doing something about it?

Each time I went to see him, I found him at work.

I was going to get the analyses.

It was because he was ill that he decided to return home.

Go into the office. I'll follow you in a few moments.

The smell is disgusting.

They sell meat at that store.

But it is specially evil that the young maiden folk are exceedingly bold of speech and bearing, and curse like troopers, to say nothing of their shameful words and scandalous coarse sayings, which one always hears and learns from another.

It's never too early to blow our own horns, just don't let it go to your head.

Love loves to love love.


Thanks for having us.


Is Micky able to eat?

There were white clouds sailing in the sky.

They're new.

After lunch, I returned to the office.

I've made a lot of sacrifices.

He was young and exciting.

From my personal point of view, his opinion is right.

Rest here for a bit.

Clean the dust off the shelf.

He refused to shake hands with me.

What do you think I should do about this?

In opening the door, I broke the lock.

Did you see any birds?

I should have let Ira talk to you first.

It rained yesterday after it had been dry for a long time.

We shall have the ability to respond rapidly and decisively to terrorism directed against us wherever it occurs.

Roxie has just found out that he's Carol's father.

Philippe isn't a boy anymore.

Anderson is very scared of the dogs.

We'll let Lynnette prepare dinner for us tonight.

Help yourself to the fruit.

Were I in your place I would do the same thing.

This takes top priority.

We did our best to help them.

I think it's time for me to buy a house.

I took off my hat and entered the church.

Robbin is sharpening his pencil.


We all have fun.


You're so rude that I want to punch you.

I can't believe it!

No matter what you say, Japanese Anglicisms are Japanese.

Do you drink diet soda?

I told her that she was right.

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I love her with all my heart.


Elijah must've forgotten about the meeting.


Was Midori skiing in Hokkaido then?

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The inventor is known all over the world.

What marvelous work he's doing, donating books to needy children!

I can't let myself be captured.

I thought I told you to keep the door closed.

Siegurd and Everett met in the hospital cafeteria the day Tahsin's father died.

Might I ask your name?

Once upon a time there lived an emperor who was a great conqueror, and reigned over more countries than anyone in the world.

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Take me to your leader.

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Are you all set to go?

Clearness should be a guiding principle of every technical writer.

Haiti is a nation that seems hopelessly impoverished.

Don't forget to turn off the light before you go to sleep.

I am very happy that you have been with us today.


We can see distant objects with a telescope.

They're too self-absorbed to see how much work they're creating for their parents.

You worked for him, didn't you?

Don't be seduced into thinking that that which does not make a profit is without value.

Courtney said that he needed the money.

Look what I caught.

Let me fill you in.

It's shameful to treat a child so cruelly.

This isn't fair to me.

Roger is still interested in buying your old car.

Do everything at your own risk.


What are you thinking right now?

Did you tell Marguerite how good the concert was?

I'm a tattoo artist.


Every pupil is supposed to know the school regulations.

Christmas is so close now.

I managed to get out of the scrape.

Cathy has just hung up the phone.

Are you busy today?


I wanted to cry.

The father had an outburst and screamed in the telephone, "come to the house immediately! Immediately! Immediately! Immediately!"

Women are not sex objects.


It's only a book.




The scientist is famous not only in Japan but also in foreign countries.

I found out whose car went off the road.

I don't know where the treasure was hidden.

Danielle and I had a stupid fight.

I've seen him.

I will keep nothing back from you.

Her results last year were lackluster.


She went travelling with her friend.

Barney was branded a thief.

You are special.


I don't enjoy traveling in large groups.

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Kristen's been going through a rough patch lately.

Supplies cannot keep up with the demand.

I don't know why he can live above his means.

This man is my immediate superior.

I told you to wait for me.


Jin says he has never been to Boston.


She chatted with me while drinking her tea.

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We enjoyed watching the fireworks on a bridge last summer.


The problem is that solar energy is too expensive.

For my multi-talented sister, able do anything with ease, it seems that my commonplace self is something whose existence she finds very hard to forgive.

She wears an eyepatch.