He is acquainted with many people here.

She participated in the beauty contest.


Leave the engine running.

This is the first time I've translated into Italian.

Isn't that an English book?


They're interviewing Olivier.

It is not right to steal.

He's going to go and lie down for a bit.

It took me nearly two hours to write the essay.

Did you ever kiss Julia?

If you don't want to answer, you don't have to.

Please tell me when he arrives here.


Mike and Lyndon thought it might be a good idea to have a fundraiser.


You sound like someone I used to know.

Beauty is a matter of opinion but ugliness is universal.

Facebook and text messages have emerged as key evidence in the trial of a man for raping a student.

The Spanish soldiers used smokeless gunpowder.

Do you read Connie's blog?

The main streets are very wide.

At last, they ceased working.


I would buy it, except that it costs too much.


Your head is starting to droop.


He would not dare to do such a thing.

Manny is looking for a better job.

It's beautiful out here.

Why couldn't I be the one you kissed?

Today we went to the shopping mall. I was very bored.

She made a series of medical discoveries.

Pratt isn't his usual self today.

Do you know what Franklin wants for Christmas?

How's Noam holding up?


You raised me on fantastic stories.

Maria takes the children to school.

Some people believe that the world is flat.

Carl forged his mother's signature.

Daren and Beverly have recently bought a house on Park Street.


How much are these earrings?


You could've saved me a trip if you'd just told me I didn't need to be here today.

Their favourite subject was eschatology.

Why don't you help me now?

They'd like to be healthy.

How much should I pay?


There's someone I've got to see.

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Everyone regarded him as a great singer.

Hsi discovered that Tran was having an affair with his secretary.

Carl is aware of his own faults.


Wouldn't you want that?

Get your arse into gear!

I know that is difficult to understand for you.

I can't keep track of our family budget.

I've got to get to sleep soon.

It's not hard to find.

Ofer is blaming Huey.

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Everywhere you go will find the same scenery.

I remember seeing him somewhere.

The funeral procession reached the burial site, where a hole had been dug that smelled of fresh earth.

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Ned changes his mind a lot.


Girls like to show off their fine clothes.

How many innocent civilians were killed in Hiroshima and Nagasaki?

Well, you don't seem very sick, all of a sudden.

I want you to find out what time the meeting is going to start.

Now he tells me the truth.

I think I can get Kiki to listen to me.

What are those for?

He fainted and fell on his back.

Rathnakumar was a pretty handsome guy.

I have other plans for her.

Everyone else waited.


We couldn't help weeping.


We recognized it from your description.

Why are you so hard on him?

I must go and find her.

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Why did Dean call?

It was incredibly dangerous.

Dwight is always playing video games.

I'd like to hug you naked.

Ernest was annoyed by Floyd's silence.

The UN has set eight milennium development goals to improve living standards for the world's poorest people.

The elephants are the chief attraction at the circus.

You should have told me about the problem sooner.

She has a dislike for snakes and mathematics.

You wake up at 5 o'clock every morning.

I never had to worry about you.

She is rough in speech.

Juan is almost as pretty as you.

The letter was wrongly addressed.

Takao should get some rest.

Our prayers go out to those affected by the shooting in Colorado.

How goes it, Jacques?

Jerome's troubled.

Joni sells coffee.

The choice has been made.

He approached me after the lesson.

Don't let it stop you.

It was a great plan.

I'm kind of looking forward to a quiet day.

Father told me that World War II ended in 1945.

I'd better return this.

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They asked for permission to arm their ships.

I went on sleeping because the alarm didn't go off.

A boy is a kid.

What are you doing for dinner?

I told him I wasn't interested.

They both left together.

You can't open it, can you?

It'll cool down tonight.

Go to sleep Wolfgang! You need to wake up early tomorrow!

High school baseball teams competed with one another at the tournament.

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Murat hasn't seen Eduardo in years.

Well do I remember the man's name.

My dad won't let me go out with Bill.

Michel wants to go to the beach with us.

Remind me to never do that again.

It had nothing to do with this.

Something has to be done with this stuff.

I know it.

They'll be rooting for you.

My advice is to adopt a new line.

Well done! You have drawn this picture nicely.


She fell from the train platform, dangerously.


My name is Richard, but you can call me Dick.

I'm just telling it like it is.

I wrote off for an application form.

Except for a few mistakes, his composition is perfect.

Nicolette put the key in the lock.

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Lorien is usually right.


My battery is flat.

Boston is one of the busiest cities in the United States.

He remains calm in the face of danger.


I should've recognized him.

We are battling creatures from another world.

Hume is busy correcting test papers.

I don't even want you there.

I want to be notified the moment Wilson arrives.

I had a little help from a friend.

A DNA test showed he was innocent.

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Sometimes you just want to spend the whole day doing nothing.

I don't have feelings for Dean.

Your cat needs to eat more.

I bet he isn't telling the truth.

Hello, how's business?


Rex won't be extradited to Australia.

I'll take it up with her.

I have an emergency.

By the fiftieth heartbreak, rejection becomes much easier to handle.

She is particular about what she wears.

I think my job stinks.

I'm sure Rhonda is going to be all right.

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His experience lies in the field of entrepreneurship and social responsibility services.


My dream is to become a teacher.


The lake supplies the city with water.

Did you try to talk to them?

They had three sons.

Anderson is very scared of dogs.

The stars twinkled.

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You have to resign.

I don't like either tea or coffee.

Hirotoshi hadn't cleaned his keyboard for months, and it was clogged with dust, food particles, and God knows what else.

Promise me one more thing.

Narendra put his shoes back on.

Vaughn is very observant.

Mom, I don't want to go!

He yelled for help.

There are a few shops next to my house.


Did she kiss well?

Just take it.

Teriann has been in Boston for a week.