Julie is a good husband and a good father.

I don't care at all.

He was forced to work overtime.

Next year the vines will produce many grapes.

Please tell me the correct time.

He will never give in even when he is wrong.

He went to bed because he was tired.


We're not the only ones here who know French.

This boy never lies.

I wonder how long it'll take to finish painting the house.

My mum let me go to the movies.

I almost felt bad for her.


We couldn't stay together.


See you tonight.


My idea is that we should talk to Mr Brown.


Randolph has a daughter.

Real is one of our best singers.

How can banks prepare for the next recession?

Can I see you later?

People were even encouraged to play football.

I don't like to sing at all.

George has good communications skills.

How much does a beer cost here?

It'll take time to get everything ready.

In the morning, the air is cool.

Come on then, lets have a fight!

What key is the symphony in?

Let's go dancing, shall we?

He is punctual in keeping appointments.

These are my friends.

How would you describe what the man in the video is doing?

Who is in charge of errands now?

I'm afraid that place is a little too expensive.

Who painted that?


Do you ever wonder why?

It isn't possible to determine if there's either salvation or damnation.

George is poor, but he's always happy.

I haven't felt that way since Metin left.

We should be talking directly to Susan.

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I could help you with it.


Who is that boy?

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Wilson asked Hui what the weather had been like while he was away.

The commanding officer marched, with soldiers following behind.

The plane flew east.


According to the TV, it will rain tomorrow.

I have a confession to make.

Can I go to your house to play?

It's scary how little consideration she gives to being a woman.

My house is located in a convenient place - next to the train station.


The ship's captain had no schedule in particular.

This project is a gold nugget.

What kind of manager is Mara?


Forgive me for wasting your time.

The enemy is eavesdropping!

His clothes are worn out.

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You are comparing apples and oranges.


Fap to me children, FAP!!!

Annie filled out the job application form.

It's been ten years since he died.

Mat realized Todd was staring at him.

What did you do with my baggage?

Marnix tried to restart the car, but it wouldn't start.

Can you solve the problem by yourself?

The park is in the center of the city.

Where can I have the car fixed?

She was afraid to make a speech.

You're going to leave for London next Sunday, aren't you?


We consider him one of our closest friends.


You need to be there for them.


His cell phone is off.

Do you eat veal?

All the questions apply to your sick child.

Sentient beings include humans and animals.

Is it any wonder that he failed in the examination?

There's a hidden door in the library.

We will not fail.

You are always to knock before you come into my room.

She was a strong, fast runner then.

Marc didn't know that woman at all.

Mr. Mitsubishi is drinking at home to save his drinking money.

Sidney believes that suicide is wrong.

Cliff is a self-made man.

I saw him trip and fall.

Sorry, we didn't mean to start the meeting without you.

We were drenched but very happy.

What is good to do cannot be done too soon.

Revised doesn't mind sleeping on the couch.

Whose child are you?


Let the dead bury their dead.

You should not go against the rules.

It's heavy, but I can manage it.

Her husband is one of my friends.

Kate assured us he'd cooperate.

I've got nothing against waiting, but after two hours I'm feeling understandably a bit impatient.

He is described as a moralist.

Christofer locked himself in his room.

It is no good to you.


I don't know when he entered the building.


Today I can say that this flight has changed my life.


Dominick Jackson will be the new head of the company.


He didn't look happy to see her.

Stuart used to be a good student.

We'll let them try.

And we had spent hours talking together.

Rupert didn't know how unhappy Brent was.

Who do you think is going to win the match?

I managed to acquire the book after a long search.

He made an admission that he had lied.

Jenine found someone's business card in his pocket, but couldn't remember where he got it.


Staying is dangerous.


The rain discouraged us from going out.

The company didn't make any effort to improve its business practices.

This could get interesting.

Samuel and Sjouke are crazy about each other.

Are you the one who saved me?


No context, no text.

I'm a pretty good chess player.

Even William looked happy.

Even we are people.

Markus was the only other person there.

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Free estimate for Spanish translations (Jp to S and S to Jp).

Something told me not to pick it up.

If your life is overfilled with stuff you may need to set some limits.

That intrigued everybody.

I didn't go with Claudio.

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The students have returned.

You'll find the shop between a bank and a school.

Richard doesn't have insurance.

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Mongo ignored Jeffie's question.


I've only just started studying French.


Gregge bought Chet a fairly expensive camera.

What did you hear?

Come as soon as possible.


He was so mad that he forgot to eat dinner.

Is it true that men have oilier skin than women?

You need not go there if you don't want to go.

Blaine was heartbroken when Debbie told him she was leaving him.

He angrily closed the door.

You'd better be very sure before you accuse him of anything.

Is Triantaphyllos still working as a doorman?

Come under my umbrella, or you'll get wet.

The situation is improving, so cheer up!

How long will you be staying here?

I am not available.

The doctor says Vidhyanath is out of danger now.

Mahesh saw that Emma was still asleep.

Whatever happened to Panos?

That car belongs in a museum.


You forgot the accent mark.

We want to talk to Claudia.

Today there are many things made of sheet metal.

We're all far from our homes.

I hope you're not alone.

I keep a dog.

Clyde has denied using steroids.


Dan's dog was sniffing a dead rat in the street.

I have the feeling that I've met that guy before.

I couldn't find my big blue dictionary. Where did you hide it?

The fortress was secure from every kind of attack.

I didn't want to see her again.


I like the way Owen looks.


Attention doesn't hurt.

The land could just be discerned through the mist.

Every rule has its exceptions.