Michael I. Watts,  is the founder and President of the Michael Watts Project, a company that is dedicated to strengthening people and organizations through organizational development and executive coaching - utilizing best practices and a personalized service delivery model. His career spans over 20 years in both the nonprofit and government sectors as a senior executive. He has served as in the capacity of President/CEO, Executive Director, and Chief of Staff of a government agency and managed and raised over $89 million dollars in corporate funds, foundation grants and government dollars and has managed a staff upwards to 600 persons. 


Organizational Development Consultation

As an organizational development consultant, The Michael Watts Project is devoted to developing organizations and the people in them through planned change. It includes working with individual’s teams and large systems.  Our firm operates from the process consultant model which means that we partner with our clients to identify problems and create solutions. The point of this approach is to leave the client system more capable of diagnosing and solving its own problems in the future.

  • Executive Coaching
  • Staff training, development and evaluation
  • Board and Staff retreats
  • Fund development and planning
  • Strategic Development and Work Plans
  • Program and Organizational Evaluations



Business Development and Economic Development

The Michael Watts Project offers a wide variety of services for present and potential small business owners.  All counseling services are confidential.  Our goal is to provide quality management and technical assistance for small businesses, resulting in success for the entrepreneur, and economic growth and prosperity.

  • Formation of legal business entity
  • Development of Operations, Marketing and Business Plans
  • Budget and Financial planning services
  • Taxes and Audit support
  • Real-estate and property acquisition
  • Investor recruitment
  • Financial Performa’s
  • Contracts and other legal documents

Personal Services

The Michael Watts Project offers a wide variety of services for individuals.  All services are confidential.  Our goal is to provide intellectual or manual work – to serve you!

  • Life Coach
  • Budget and Planning
  • Development of Life Plans
  • Individual taxes
  • Professional referrals (i.e. Bankruptcy, Accountants, Banking)