My health's very bad.

That was your choice.

Chip is Diane's ex.

That is our father.

She was looked after in the hospital.

Chuck hoped that Jane would forgive him.

It's not a genuine religion. It's a cult.


I believe you have information that can help us.

According to researchers from the Carsey Institute at the University of New Hampshire, 15.7 million children lived in poverty in America in 2010.

The two cars almost met head-on on the way.

I'd rather not sleep and finish reading this book.

You know everything about me.

In the distance could be heard voices, the slamming of shutters, and the barking of dogs.

I wanted to let them go.


I think you dropped this.

Have you ever known me to be mistaken?

In informal, everyday speech, the word "literally" is often used incorrectly as an intensifier.

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This is for him.


I know people find that odd.

Sergiu has a bad cold.

We need to make inquiries about the date of the examination.


So we are annoyed by the noise of cars.


The United States fancies itself the world's freest nation.

He wants me to go with him to Milan by train to visit a friend.

Cory and I used to be on the same team.

I can protect her.

The sons sorrowfully buried their mother.

He went to Tokyo on business.

It's just another day.

Please eat some cake.

I'm sure you can find another job.


The money was stolen along with the bonds.

Then you cannot be a cannibal.

Nothing could induce him to change his mind.

It was one of those things.

It's time to pay up all your debts and close out your loan.

You need patience, Roland.

I can't stand this cold anymore.

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What made you say that?

I know what those guys want.

Would you know anything about that, Will?


Maybe James said something he shouldn't have.

Shutoku died a long time ago.

He bound the package with a string.


I just want you to love me.


Please cut along the dotted line.

I told her she looked pale, and asked if she was all right.

I guess my mind just wandered.

That's what we did.

I want to learn Persian.

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She put on her coat and went out.

It is not good to borrow money from him.

That's what Lucius is afraid of.


He is, on the whole, a satisfactory student.

Jerome called to say he's on his way.

She lives in an apartment.


Look at me!

It doesn't have to end this way.

Mott is always grumbling.

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He never boasted of his success.


These dogs are big.

I haven't finished my homework yet.

She should be there at noon.


I like the slow rhythm of that song.

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Only cross the street on the green light.

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He is like his father.

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Don't you ever call them?

The fact is of great importance from the viewpoint of science.

I wish I had a car.


My problem is I'm too busy.

Give me a cup of coffee.

Are you happy with the service?


This is good occasion to contact him.

I had to deal with Gil.

We criticized the photographer for not rescuing the child first.


He was taken unconscious to the hospital.

These shoes fit perfectly.

We didn't know which bus we would take.

Donostia is a city in the Basque Country.

One by one the boys went out of the room.

This coffee tastes better than what I usually drink.

We'll be making an announcement shortly.

Wade took a step toward Miek.

I can ensure a job for you.

I want to show her around town.

Do you want to go to Boston?

He followed the lead of our teacher.

We mean business.

Who's responsible for all this?

Debbie was heartbroken when Lucifer passed away.

To my surprise, he easily came up with a plan.

Old is the one who did all this.

No matter how hard he tried, he could not get out of the maze.

We didn't know.

Are you happy with your appearance?

See above.

You're getting very tiresome.

Are you going to the meeting?


The mass of lava covered the side of the mountain.


Precise measurements are needed.


This book belongs to Lorien.


What good are they?

You can't keep doing this to Murat.

He isn't at his best.

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Breathing is an involuntary bodily process.

Are those new shoes?

Don't blame this on us.

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Everyone believed his lie.

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I know what the problem is.

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She wants to buy a car, but she can't afford to.

Hey, where is everybody?

This silverware set has been in my family for generations.

You're only saving face!

How long were you at the zoo?

They walked toward the bridge.

They die well that live well.

Let's randomize the order of the images in the slideshow.

He was tired, but he kept working.

The only problem was that Eli didn't want to be here.

If you were communists, you wouldn't worry about housing so much.

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She got a job as a typist.

Just getting one-to-one guidance was enough to make it an extremely fulfilling practise session.

My clock has stopped.


She'll says everything and change nothing.

I called him yesterday.

My father will travel abroad next year.

What's the urgency?

I bought a book and he a ruler.

Children of six and above should attend school.

I knew you could do so much better.


I can't seem to get him to fix this machine.

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Meet me after class.

I was glad to hear of your success.

Malaclypse has done so much for us already.


I forgot to give you my phone number.

She will follow you.

Someone will be meeting you.

Cindy, look who's here.

Oxford is one of the oldest universities in the world.

We were trying to help you.

Enough of vacation!


Jane spent some time with Marie.

The work doesn't need much effort.

Miriamne answered the first question on the list.

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Kimberly doesn't like to ask for help.

We'd better find it soon.

I have no idea what to do next.


I'm an adult now.

Robin just sat there looking bored.

You can't kill me.

Take the letter out of the envelope.

During my free time I like to hang out with my friends.

He carried a knife or something similar.

I think Rik is likely to win.

I waited for one.

Are you out of your minds?

I guess this has happened a few times.

I had a terrible stomachache.

Diane insists I stop calling him by his first name.

My daughter wants a piano.